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 Solar Events


Because the sun is composed of gases that are constantly reacting, there is a lot of activity there. At various times there are solar events such as solar flares, coronal holes, solar winds, and others.

These activities cause geomagnetic storms that can affect many things here on Earth. The Northern and Southern Lights occur because of sun activities. Radio transmission, satellite reception, and airplane communications are just a few of the problems the sun can cause.

Geomagnetic storms occur in patterns and can sometimes be predicted. Knowing about the storms and their effects can help us in many ways worldwide.

What's in this section?

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  • List effects of solar events.
  • Describe solar effects on human activities.
  • Describe solar effects on electric companies.


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  • Describe the relationship of geomagnetic disturbances to solar events.
  • Use averaged solar data to determine the best time to debug electronic equipment.
  • Compute the diameter, escape velocity, and speed of the sun.


  • Explain observations of the average sunspot number.
  • Justify the cost of an early warning system for geomagnetic storms.
  • Explain the international nature of solar event problems.


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