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Have you ever seen a tornado? Hopefully, it was in a video or on television. Each year as many as 1000 tornadoes may occur in the United States. Their destruction can range from minor to devastating. Although about 100 people are killed each year by tornadoes, many more people survive unharmed. By knowing what to do you can greatly decrease your chances of getting hurt. This activity will introduce you to the history of tornado forecasting, tornado formation and tornado safety.

What's in this section?

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  • Describe when and where most tornadoes form.
  • Explain tornado watches and warnings and how to respond.
  • Describe what tornadoes look like.

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  • Learn about the first tornado forecast.
  • Learn about the Fujita scale for rating tornadoes.
  • Learn how to calculate percentages.


  • Consider the impact the first tornado forecast had on saving lives.
  • Discuss the importance of following safety plans.
  • Describe why it is unlikely an F6 rating will ever be assigned to a tornado.


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