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El Nino
Great Lakes
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A - In Your Neighborhood - Or Close By

  • Pick a coastal area near where you live or one you have visited. Record the air and water temperatures for a week (or longer).  Record your data in a chart like the one in the student activity book.
  1. How do you think the information gathered from the system of buoys helps people who work on the water?
  2. Who else might benefit from knowing the information collected by these buoys?
  3. Based on data you collected about the site near where you live or have visited, what do you think the air temperature will be for the rest of the week? the rest of the month? three months from now?
  4. If you have completed the El Niño site - What effect has El Niño had on the water and air temperatures in North America?
  5. What effect has El Niño had on the area where you live?
  6. Based on what you have learned about moored buoys in the ocean, design a buoy to collect data in outer space.  Give it a name, list the measurements it will collect, and draw a diagram of it.