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C - Decoding the Dallas County Texas Tornado Statistics Summary

checkmarkClick here to go to the ALL TORNADO STATISTICS site.

  1. What years of data were used for the first step?
  • Scroll down to the map of the United States
  • Click on Texas
  • Scroll down to Dallas County
  1. Of the 66 tornadoes, tally with hatch marks how many were:
    F0, F1, F2, F3, F4, F5
  2. Add your totals as shown below into weak, strong, and violent catagories:
    1. weak (F0 + F1)
    2. strong (F2 + F3)
    3. violent (F4 + F5)  
  3. Now calculate what percentage each category represents of the total number of tornadoes (hint: divide the number in the category by the total, 66, and multiply by 100).


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