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El Nino
Great Lakes
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Gather Data.1

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A - Current Atmospheric Pressure at Sea Level

checkmarkClick here to go to the WEATHER GRAPHICS site at UIUC WW2010.

  • Scroll down to and click "Sea Level Pressure - Isobars"
  1. What is the pressure where you live?
    Today's pressure is ____________ millibars.
  2. What states have the highest pressure on the map? 
  3. What state(s) has the lowest pressure on the map?  ______________mb
  4. What states should have the highest winds?  (If you have difficulty naming the states, look at the map with the abbreviations shown after question 7 below.)
  5. What direction are the highest winds blowing from?
  6. What is the interval (pressure difference) between two adjacent (side by side) isobars?
  7. Using your knowledge of pressure and clouds, draw clouds on the U.S. Continental map where you think it would be cloudy.