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El Nino
Great Lakes
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Gather Data.1

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A - Graph Storm Tide Height vs. Pressure

checkmarkClick here to go to the Historical Hurricane Tracks TROPICAL CYCLONE REPORTS site.

  • Select "Atlantic" for the basin.
  • Select "2003" for the year.
  • Select "Claudette."
  • Follow the "Hurricane Claudette (Atlantic)" link to see the report in a new browser window.
  • Scroll to the bottom of Table 1 to find the pressure at landfall at Matagorda Island, TX.
  • In Table 3, in the Storm Tide column, find the highest recorded storm tide.
  • Mark the place on your graph where the two numbers meet.
  • Find and record the same information (pressure at landfall and highest storm tide height) for the following Atlantic hurricanes: Juan (2003), Isabel (2003), Michelle (2001), Floyd (2001), Bonnie (1998) and Andrew (1992). Draw a best-fit line.

B - Graph Pressure vs. Wind Speed.

  • Following the same directions, find the wind speed and pressure at landfall for Hurricane Claudette from Table 1.
  • On the graph, plot the point where the wind speed intersects with the pressure. Do the same for Hurricanes Juan, Isabel, Michelle, Floyd, Bonnie and Andrew.
  • Draw a best-fit line.