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El Nino
Great Lakes
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D - Research

  1. Research other El Niños using the Internet.  Here's an idea of information to look for:
    1. When it occurred
    2. How long it lasted
    3. What countries and areas were most and least affected?
    4. What happened to the weather as a result of each one?
    5. On a map, draw the greatest sea surface area covered by the El Niño.
  2. Collect newspaper and magazine articles about El Niño.  Write a brief summary of each one.
  3. Find out the differences between El Niño, La Niña, and El Viejo.

E - Interviews

  1. Interview a local weather person about the reports that have been done on El Niños.
  2. Interview 10 individuals to find out how much they know about El Niños and what effect they think El Niño has on the weather.  Develop eight to ten questions and write them out leaving space to write their answers.


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