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El Nino
Great Lakes
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C - Interviews

  1. Interview a meteorologist from a radio or TV station.  Develop a list of questions to ask this person over the phone.  For example, find out what the job is like, what type of education is required, and how computers help forecasting.
  2. Interview your grandparents or other people about "folk tales" related to weather.  For example, some older people say because their bones hurt, they know it's going to rain soon.

D - Measurements

  1. Set up a weather station at home or school.  you'll need a thermometer, barometer, anemometer, and hydrometer.  Record the weather conditions and make predictions based on the data you collect.
  2. For help in taking measurements, go to the site "HOW TO MEASURE THE WEATHER"
  3. Record the amount of rainfall in your area for a month.  Graph the amount each day on a line graph.


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