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D - You are the Meteorologist

  1. Tornadoes are currently assigned ratings based on the damage they do to man-made structures. Engineers and meteorologists worked together to study the amount of wind necessary to do various kinds of damage to buildings yet many tornadoes occur in farm fields, forests, and other similar places and never hit anything man-made. Devise a plan for rating such tornadoes.

E - Local Tornado Data

checkmarkClick here to go to the  STORM EVENTS  site.

  • Click on the "Storm Events" web site.
  • Select your state and click on "Continue."
  • Change "Begin Date" to "06/01/1995"
  • Change "End Date" to "06/30/1995"
  • Click on the "List Storms" button on the right side of the screen.
  • Count the number of tornadoes for your state for June 1995.
  1. How many tornadoes were reported?
  2. What kinds of damage did they do?
  3. How often were other kinds of weather reported:
    • thunderstorm winds, severe thunderstorm winds, microbursts?
    • flood, flash flood, urban flood?
    • lightning?
    • hail?
    • heat, cold, drought?
  4. Which type of weather event was most common for your state in June 1995?


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