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El Nino
Great Lakes
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Get Activity pages for this lesson.This section has two pages. Click on the pdf icon at left if you do not have an  activity sheet for this section.

A - Interview

  1. Interview commercial fishermen. Ask them about the type of training needed to fish for a living. Ask about problems they've encountered. Find out what the job is like - what good and bad points are there? See if they like their jobs. Ask them how much fish they catch per year and what might influence the catch besides limits imposed by the government.

B - Local Limits

  1. Different areas allow different amounts of fish to be caught.  Find out the catch limits in your area for your favorite types of fish.

C - Diet

  1. List for a week everything that you eat that comes from the water.

D - Research Other Species That Are Harvested Besides Fish

  1. crabs
  2. shrimp
  3. clams
  4. oysters
  5. whales

E - Plan for the Future

  1. Develop a plan to conserve fish so they can always be harvested.  What limits would you put on commercial fishers and recreational fishers?