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El Nino
Great Lakes
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A - Interviews

  1. Interview a meteorologist about the specific weather conditions that are caused by the Great Lakes, especially in winter.
  2. Talk with someone who has gone ice fishing and ask about what is caught, when is the best time to go, and what is used for bait.

B - Newspaper Activities

  1. Using the weather section or map, keep a record of the daily temperatures or snowfall at cities around the Great Lakes vs. cities inland.  What is the difference between inland and coastal cities' temperatures and rainfall?
  2. Collect news articles related to the health of the Great Lakes and summarize each article.

C - Research

  1. Write a short report on how the Great Lakes formed.  Include when they were formed, how they were formed, how long it took, and a diagram of what happened.
  2. Find out who was the first European to see the Great Lakes.
  3. Using a map, list all the major cities and their populations that border the Great Lakes. 
  4. Add the total population of the cities. Research Native American tribes that lived in the Great Lakes area.
  5. Find out what industries are supported by the Great Lakes.
  6. Find out why Chicago is called "The Windy City".
  7. Research diatoms and find out what they are used for.