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El Nino
Great Lakes
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A - Research

  1. Research Saint Elmo's Fire.  What kind of lightning is St. Elmo's Fire?  Where does it occur?  What problems does it cause?
  2. Research "Faraday Cage".
  3. Research Zeus' thunderbolts made by Vulcan.
  4. Research Nikoli Tesla.
  5. Find out how buildings can be protected from lightning strikes.

B - Interviews

  1. Interview a meteorologist about lightning. Find out what equipment and technology is used to predict and track lightning.
  2. Interview an electrician. Find out what “grounded” outlets are and how they work.
  3. Interview a firefighter about what lightning can do to a forest and how they put out fires.
  4. Interview a forester about controlled burning. what is it and how is it used?

C - Related Web Sites

  1. Lightning Safety
  2. Kids' Lightning Information and Safety Page
  3. The Lightning Dictionary
  4. National Weather Service Lightning page