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El Nino
Great Lakes
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A - Research

  1. Research the Aurora Borealis.  Find out when, where, and how they occur.  Draw a diagram showing the areas on Earth where they occur most often.
  2. Research X-rays' use by doctors and hospitals.
    1. How are they used to help diagnose illness?
    2. How are X-rays created?
    3. What dangers are involved in using X-rays?
    4. What precautions are taken when using X-rays?
    5. What is a safe level of exposure to X-rays?
    6. What are sonograms and how are they different from X-rays?
  3. Research when the next solar eclipse will be.  What locations on Earth will see a total eclipse? a partial eclipse? (See the "Related Web Sites" section below.)
  4. Research Earth's escape velocity.  What is it and how is it different from the Sun's escape velocity?  Ideally, satellites would be launched from the equator.  What difference does it make where you launch a satellite from?

B - Interviews

  1. Interview a meteorologist about what effects solar events have on local weather.  Ask about the effects on weather instruments.
  2. Call a local cable television or cellular phone company.  Ask them what problems they have when various solar events happen.
  3. Work in groups and list all the songs you can think of that mention the sun.