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El Nino
Great Lakes
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Get Activity pages for this lesson.This section has three pages. Click on the pdf icon at left if you do not have an  activity sheet for this section.

A - You are the Mayor

  1. How will your town's emergency management staff prepare if your town is in a tornado watch? What if your town is actually hit by a tornado?
  2. List potential duties for each group of emergency personnel:
    • civil defense coordinator 
    • storm spotters  
    • ambulance drivers
    • fire fighters
    • police
    • sanitation workers

B - You are the Civil Defense Coordinator.

  1. Develop a public awareness plan to inform people what to do during tornado watches and warnings, and after a tornado hits. Include television, newspaper, and radio messages.
  2. Develop a plan to make mobile home parks safer. Where should people in mobile homes go when they hear a warning?

C - You are the Principal of a School

  1. Design a tornado safety plan for the school. Include the months that are most likely to produce tornadoes. Describe what the students should do when there is a tornado warning.
  2. Design a tornado safety plan for sporting events and other outdoor events at your school. Consider who will stay aware of watches and warnings during the game/event, where people should go, and how much time might be needed to move everyone to a safe place.