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El Nino
Great Lakes
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Part of the job of the U. S. Government is to ensure that the rights of all of the citizens of the United States are protected.   

The National Marine Fisheries Service's task is to make sure that people don't catch so many fish that there are not enough fish left to breed. 

If people catch too many fish now, there will not be enough for people to catch in the future.  The National Marine Fisheries Service is therefore, in a real sense, a guardian of the future.

What's in this section?

checkmarkGet Info

  • Explain what fisheries management is.
  • Explain why fisheries management is important.
  • Describe how fish populations are managed.

checkmarkGather Data

  • Determine the year that had the greatest and least fish landings. (catches)
  • Describe the pattern of catches over a long period of time.
  • Determine the method of fishing that catches the most fish.


  • Hypothesize the effects of better fishing methods on the long term landing (number of fish caught).
  • Explain why the commercial fishing license system should be continued.
  • Develop a list of illegal activities that should be reported to the National Marine Fisheries Service.


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