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El Nino
Great Lakes
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How often do you watch the weather on TV or listen on the radio for the weather forecast?  The weather affects everything from afternoon swim practice to attacks on enemy forces during wars.

Weather forecasting used to be thought of as witchcraft. Today, we rely on weather forecasters to help us plan our days and prepare for life-threatening conditions. 

Some people "feel in their bones" when a storm is coming.  Some people watch the animals and plants to know when it is about to storm.  Those of us with televisions and radios don't have to wait for sparrows to fly by, we can just watch or listen to the weather.

What's in this section?

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  • Draw examples of weather map symbols.
  • Define common weather terms.
  • Explain weather systems.


checkmarkGather Data

  • Interpret temperature, wind, pressure, and cloud maps.
  • Draw cloud positions based on pressure maps.
  • Forecast the position of clouds three days from today.


  • Relate temperature maps to pressure maps.
  • Relate pressure maps to wind maps.
  • Relate wind chill to wind and temperature maps.


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