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Greenhouse Effect


The greenhouse effect is an increase in the average temperature of the Earth.  It happens because certain gases absorb infrared heat that would normally be radiated into space.  Infrared light is what you feel as heat from heat lamps used in restaurants to keep french fries hot.  It also causes the heat you feel from ordinary light bulbs.  Since carbon dioxide absorbs this heat, the more carbon dioxide there is in the atmosphere, the warmer the air will be.  If the air gets too hot, the balance of life will be disrupted.  Species of plants and animals will die.  The food chain could be upset.  This would cause many serious problems worldwide.

What's in this section?

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  • Identify greenhouse gases.
  • Determine why some proposed replacements for greenhouse gases won't work.
  • Determine the percentage of the various greenhouse gases' effects on global warming.

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  • Determine the change in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air.
  • Determine the possible causes of the greenhouse effect.
  • Determine the link between industrialization and the greenhouse effect.


  • Hypothesize reasons for increases in production of certain greenhouse gases and propose solutions to global warming.
  • Infer what international problems need to be addressed to stop the greenhouse effect.
  • Describe the effects of global warming on humans and on plants.


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