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El Nino
Great Lakes
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D - Hurricane Season

  1. In what time of year do most hurricanes form?
  2. Where do hurricanes form?

E - Storm Surge

  • Scroll down to and read the  "Storm Fury " sections. 
  1. Explain what storm surge is and how it occurs.
  • Scroll down to the "Storm Surge, Floods and Winds " section.
  1. Describe the effects of storm surge on coastal areas during a hurricane

F - Size of Hurricanes

checkmarkClick on the NOAA "HURRICANE BASICS" pdf file PDF file.

  • Go to the section on "Structure" beginning on Page 8 to learn about the different features of hurricanes. Read the section "Hurricane Size."
  1. Describe a hurricane in terms of land area covered and forward speed.
  • Go back to Page 7 and read the section "Storm's End."
  1. Why does a hurricane die out?

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