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El Nino
Great Lakes
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This section is a bit different than the rest of Science with NOAA Research. The National Data Buoy Center link below is the only one you will need to use for most of the Ocean Temperatures section. Sometimes life is easy!!!

A - Air Temperature

checkmarkClick here to go to the NATIONAL DATA BUOY CENTER site.

  1. What do you think causes the difference in air temperatures between two stations that are only 192 miles apart?

B - Water Temperature

  1. Is the colder surface water close to shore or far from shore?
  2. We know that water temperatures from near-shore sites differ from temperatures offshore. How does this occur?

C - Buoy Sensors

  1. How long is data collected at the buoys?
  2. How high are the air temperature sensors located on the buoy at station 41004?
  3. How many different kinds of moored buoys are there?
  4. What sizes do buoys come in?
  5. List the data moored buoys collect.

D - Data Transmission

  1. How are the data transmitted?
  2. How often are data transmitted?