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El Nino
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A - General Information on Solar Problems

checkmarkClick here to go to the SOLAR EVENTS site.

  • Read the information and answer the following question:
  1. What problems do solar events cause ?

B - Details of Solar Events

checkmarkClick here to go to the SPACE ENVIRONMENT site.

  • Scroll down to the "Coronal Holes" section.
  • Read from "Coronal Holes" through the end of the site and answer the following questions as you read.
  1. What effect do coronal holes have on the solar wind?
  2. What types of energy do solar flares release?
  3. Aurora are also called the Northern Lights and Southern Lights.  How are the lights formed?
  4. What causes geomagnetic storms on Earth?
  5. What does the ionosphere usually do to help communication that is changed by geomagnetic storms?
  6. What dangers are there due to geomagnetic storms' disruption of the ionosphere?
  7. How do geomagnetic storms affect satellites?
  8. How can airlines be in danger due to geomagnetic storms?

C - Solar "Power" Problems

checkmarkClick here to go to the UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN POWER GRID site.

  1. Why do geomagnetic storms affect man-made structures more than natural structures?